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STEP 1:  StarTops Pitcher (Jedi) Performs “Suggested” Dynamic Warm-Up Pre-Play Routine (at Star Field Play Surface Dojo)

- Do MMA Tai Chi Free Form Stretch / Meditation / Yoga (~ 10 min.)

- Jog forward/jog backward (soft knees, heads stay level)

- Skip forward/skip backward (soft knees, heads stay level)

- Karaoke left/karaoke right (arms up, shoulders twist opposite the hips)

- Walking lunges forward/walking lunges backward (arms up, shoulders twist opposite the hips)

- Side lunges left/side lunges right

- Shoulder twists (feet together, hands on hips, shoulders twist left/right, hips stay still)

- Bridges (hold ~ 2-3 minutes)

- Arm circles (small circles forward/backward, large circles forward/backward, 3 hand positions each)

- Side saws/front saws (3 hand positions each)

- Palm prayer presses (move rapidly left/right, elbows swim forward/backward, hands rotate up/down, hands wave left/right)

- Fingertip prayer presses (move rapidly left/right, elbows swim forward/backward, hands rotate up/down, hands wave left/right)

- Reverse palm presses (palms together behind back, press hard and hold)

- Forearm presses (forearms and palms together in front of body, fingers toward sky, press and hold, move up and down through range of motion while pressing, press pinky finger as hard as can, then ring, middle, index, and thumb successively)

- Arm box presses (right arm out to side and bent forward 90 degrees, left arm extended forward and bent right at 90 degrees to form box with arms, left hand on top of right hand, press together and hold - 3 hand positions, then repeat with left hand underneath and right hand on top - 3 hand positions, then repeat.

STEP 2:  StarTops Star Field Set-up

- Round Target is loaded with the six proprietary ICY Death Stars on posts with Ninja Stars on Cluster Boards as shown. Use corresponding color combos for five outer defensive Black Star formation: Orange Sunset / Raspberry / Jungle Green / Watermelon Red / Teal.  In the middle is the Purple Chrome Star Leader (primary target):

- Target is mounted on Round Green Screen Back Stop in front of Rectangular Green Screen Back Drop

- QA Video Cameras are perched approximately as shown:

- Sword Marker is ~15 ft from target to indicate pitcher location.



STEP 3:  StarTops Game Play Process (with QA sub-process)

- Pitcher can throw 10 stars at test target black board with eyes wide open, then pitcher is closes eyes to feel the “field force” and then slowly open the eyes.

- Pitcher has Five Chrome Starfighter Stars and can throw them after touching the sword handle to set direction. Then using “the force”…pitches Stars at the Death Star targets, in any combination or all at once, using any method (underhand, sidearm, cross arm, overhead, fast ball…two finger, wrist hurl, reverse underarm, etc.).

- Target and Video is reviewed by pitcher and any impacts are noted. Ion table Playback is edited and shown on site for QA purposes along with target results. Deathstars that are hit are turned white. Number of Shurikens that stick on target Back Stop or Safety Back Drop are noted as well as any star fighter misses that do not stick (casualties). In the following example…Death Stars code named Orange Sunset and Raspberry are destroyed.

- Results Table is filled out and results posted. Examples show two Death Star hits, one Back Stop Stick, three Back Drops Sticks, and one casualty.

- Game is then reset as shown.

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