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The funding will come from nearly $10 billion that voters approved for a California high-speed rail project as part of Proposition 1A in 2008, then projected to cost $40 billion. Total estimated cost to completion is about $ 68 Billion.

“I’m Here for the Bonds !”

Emergence of “Lee”

The high-speed rail board approved $3.2 billion in funding Tuesday for two segments: $2.6 billion for a 119-mile leg connecting Fresno to Madera and $600 million to electrify a 55-mile stretch of existing Caltrain tracks in the San Jose Peninsula that will eventually connect with high-speed rail.

High-speed rail funding...

Ghost Quest for Funds

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Today, the California High-Speed Rail Authority (Authority) issued its first sustainability report which describes the innovative approach it is taking to the design, construction and operations of California's high-speed rail system.

High-Speed Rail Sustainability

California High Speed Rail Authority

High-Speed Rail Newsroom

Sci Fi Drama “Railroader”

The Railroader is a ghost from the days of the Transcontinental Railroad who travels through decades of time to deliver cash, gold, and bonds to an anxious banker. Meanwhile, in Mountain View California, the Senate Budget Appropriations Committee discusses with the California High Speed Rail Authority on the new High Speed Rail design, time-line for construction, bond allocations, and future funding.  IMDb  

  • Additional funding secured with generous help from Barclays, Wells Fargo, CHASE, Citibank, US Bank, B of A and Star One Credit Union.
  • Studio filming hardware upgrades and equipment purchases for sound track and music compositions completed.

Railroader Movie News

The California High-Speed Rail Authority’s Office of Communications provides liaison between the Authority and the public. The Office provides information about high-speed rail through various avenues including public forums, the media, online and social media.  The Office of Communications is also responsible for the distribution and display of printed and online materials and media

“Lee” the Railroader

Official Railroader Poster

California HSR

         Railroader “TimeWarp” Cell Phone Ringer  !  .

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